Google’s AI chatbot will support Gmail, YouTube, know how it will benefit users

Google AI Chatbot: Google has announced that now its AI chatbot can be used on Gmail and YouTube, let us tell you that Google has also recently launched Search Generative AI, which was being seen as testing of AI chatbot.

Shortly after this, Google has announced, in which it said that AI chatbot can be used for other Google apps and services including Gmail, Docs, Drive, Google Map, YouTube and Google Flights. Let us know how much this initiative of Google will benefit the users.

Bard support will be available in Google service

Google has recently introduced AI chatbot Bard, it is Google’s most powerful AI model. Google is preparing to integrate all its services. Google’s logic behind this is that by integrating all the apps through Bard, data can be taken from anywhere by querying the input text. Google said that Bard will be able to customize its response, so that users will be able to get accurate answers.

Google launches Bard extension

Google has recently launched AI chatbot Bard extension, in which integrated information will be available on searching Gmail, Docs, Drive, Google Map, YouTube and Google Flights and Hotel through Google tools. This service of Google is currently available in English.

What will be the benefit to the users

This expansion of Google will provide many benefits to the users. For example, if you are planning to visit an unknown city, then AI chatbot Bard will give you all the information including weather, traffic and hotels there through text and video, through which you will be able to make your journey pleasant.

Users data will remain safe

Google says the data used will not be accessed by human reviewers nor used by Bard to serve ads or train Bard models. Users also have the option to decide how they want to use these extensions or turn them off at any time. That means users can also turn off the Bard extension.

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