Google mocked Apple like this! iPhone crashed in a few seconds

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Image Credit Source: Made by Google

Handset maker companies do not let go of a single opportunity to take a jibe at each other, let us tell you that recently Google has shared a video in which Apple has been targeted. Google has recently released an ad from its official YouTube account in which the company’s Pixel 7 Pro and Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro are seen talking to each other.

One thing to note is that Google has used a hashtag while releasing this video, #BestPhonesForever. Let us tell you that Google did not share only one video, four to five videos have been shared on YouTube in which iPhone 14 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro have been shown as friends, but at the end of each video, Google Pixel is seen playing the game. Used to be.

Please tell that the name of the first ad is Plateau. In this video, Apple iPhone says that it is jealous of the features like call assist, astrophotography mode and 30x zoom found in Google Pixel phone because it does not have all these features. At the end of the video, while talking to Apple, the battery dies and he falls.

(Video Credit -Made By Google)

The name of the second advertisement is Seeing Stars. In this video, both the iPhone and Google Pixel are seen looking at the stars lying on the ground. Astrophotography mode has been given in Pixel 7 Pro, due to which Google Pixel phone tells iPhone that there are thousands of stars in the sky, listening to which the iPhone gets shocked because it cannot see so many stars. This is because the Astrophotography mode is not present in the iPhone. At the end of the video, the iPhone is seen clicking a picture of the sky using its flash.

(Video Credit -Made By Google)

The title of the third video is Sketchy Wi-Fi. In this video, the iPhone senses that hackers are present in the public Wi-Fi that both the phones are using. In response to this, Google Pixel says that it should start giving VPN to protect itself from hackers, tell that it is shown in this ad that Pixel phone comes with VPN for extra security.

(Video Credit -Made By Google)

Google has given the title of the fourth video, Lifesaver. In this video, the battery of the iPhone is dead and Google puts itself on the iPhone and with the help of reverse charging technology, works to revive the iPhone. It is shown in this video that battery share feature is available in Google Pixel phone.

(Video Credit -Made By Google)

The title of the last video is Opening Up. In this video, the iPhone asks the Google Pixel if there’s anything new it hasn’t seen.

(Video Credit -Made By Google)

In response to this question of the iPhone, the Pixel phone says that are you seeing something new in me, as soon as you say this, this Pixel phone of Google comes out in front and the iPhone faints after seeing it. As soon as the iPhone senses, Google Pixel starts playing the game on the fold screen.

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