Google is removing this option from YouTube mobile app, will get new update

YouTube App Redesign: Google’s video streaming platform YouTube is providing employment to thousands of people today. People are earning money from this platform on the basis of their talent. Every 60 seconds, 500 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube worldwide. Meanwhile, the company is making some changes in the design of its mobile app. According to the report of 9to5 Google, the company is going to change the option of ‘Library’ in the mobile app to ‘You’.

‘You’ instead of ‘Library’

At present, when you open YouTube on mobile, you see the Library option at the bottom right, inside which you get the options of History, Playlist, Your Video etc. Google is going to replace the option of this library with ‘You’ and is also going to make some small changes in it. According to the report of 9to5 Google, soon you will get the option of History, Playlist, Your Videos, Downloads, Your Clips and Your Movies under the U option. Currently the option of Your Clips is not in the library.

Apart from this, Google is also going to shift the Profile tab from top to bottom. Currently, we get the profile option at the top of the app. Soon you will find this option at the bottom under the ‘You’ tab. A picture of this update has been shared by 9to5 Google, which we are adding here for your convenience.

Google also updated Gmail app

Google has added a feature called Select All in the Gmail app, through which you can select 50 mails at a time. Till now there was no option to select more than one mail in the app. Due to this, users faced difficulty in deleting mails. But now after the new update, you can easily select and delete 50 mails at a time.

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