Google introduced AI search tool in English and Hindi for India, earlier it was available only in America

The world’s leading technology company Google (Google) has introduced AI Search Tool in English and Hindi for India. Alphabet’s company Google has introduced Generative Artificial Intelligence in its search tool for users in India and Japan, which will show text or visual results for signals including summaries. According to Reuters news, earlier this facility was launched only in the United States. Users will have the option to select.

Unlike your chatbot bard

According to the news, Japanese users will be able to use this feature in their local languages, while in India it will be available in English and Hindi. Google’s search feature is used to find information, such as finding something to buy. This is different from its chatbot Bard, which has a personality that can interact like a human. For example, software can generate code. Google’s AI search competes with Microsoft’s Bing.

Google Search is one of the world’s leading search engines, which is used by people all over the world to search for different types of information, websites, images, videos, news, and other content. Google’s AI search tool will now provide a very special experience to Indian and Japanese users.

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