Foldable phones: The demand for foldable phones is increasing worldwide, increasing demand in the global market

After iPhone, Smartphone, now people have started talking about the magic of foldable phones. It is not us, we are telling the latest figures. The global smartphone market worldwide grew strongly in the first quarter this year. On the basis of sales, its volume has increased by 64 percent on an annual basis. According to the latest data, the shipping of the foldable phone has been recorded 2.5 million (2.5 million units) worldwide in the first quarter.

Increase in smartphone market amid decline

According to the news, while giving this information in a report on Friday, Counterpoint Research has said that during the first quarter, this strong growth in the foldable phone market has taken place amid a year-on-year decline of 14.2 percent in the total international smartphone market. There has been an increase. The growth in the foldable phone market all over the world has largely been the role of the Chinese market.

Strong release of OPPO N2 and N2 Flip

There was a bang release of two foldable phones OPPO N2 and N2 Flip in China. These big launch events continuously increase the interest of the market. Research analyst Woojin Son said Oppo is tied for second place in the Chinese foldable market with a slight margin to leader Huawei, which was helped by the N2 Flip and N2, which were released in late 2022. In particular, the N2 Flip, Oppo’s clamshell-type foldable contributed a lot to this.

Samsung also insisted

Korean company Samsung also launched W23 and W23 Flip amidst the big role of Chinese foldable phones market, so that the Chinese market can be benefited. The report said that this helped Samsung grow rapidly in the Chinese foldable market in the first quarter of 2023. In the opinion of senior research analyst Jen Park, in the year 2023, due to more aggressive market expansion targets, there will be intense competition among OEMs in the global foldable market. He says that since the overall consumer response towards foldable phones is improving and Apple will also release the product soon, the brand’s participation in the foldable smartphone market could be seen after 2025.

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