Elon Musk will collect all your information through Twitter, then it will be used here

X will use public data to train AI models: Elon Musk has recently updated the privacy and policy of the company in which he wrote that the company will collect your previous job data, biometric data and other personal information so that the users can be reached to the best employer. Actually, Musk has given job listing feature to verified companies in X, with the help of which they can choose the best candidate for themselves from this platform. Meanwhile, another news related to X’s privacy and policy is coming to the fore. Actually, Musk will not only use your biometric data, but he will collect all the information available on open source and Twitter for his AI company so that his tool (xAI) can become the best in the market.

Elon Musk will collect user’s choice, searching habit and many other information which he will need to improve his AI tool. This change was spotted by Alex Ivanovs of Stackdiary. Alex has a history of spotting notable updates from tech companies and has previously shared insights on AI-related updates at Brave and Zoom. Currently Alex Ivanov’s post is trending on Y Combinator’s discussion forum Hacker News.

X’s new policy is specifically seen in section 2.1 which states that the company will collect and use publicly available information to train its machine learning or AI models for the purposes outlined in the policy.

Musk has already said this

Elon Musk has already said that the company will use public posts to train its AI tools. Recently, he has also asked journalists to write openly on the platform, which suggests that Musk will also use this data in the AI ​​model. Let us tell you, in order to give human-like response to the AI ​​model, it has to be trained with a lot of data first. That’s why he knows how to answer every question like a human. The more the AI ​​model is trained, the better and more accurate its result will be.

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