Elon Musk is giving new feature to community admins in Twitter, now entry will be available after question and answer.

Elon Musk is giving a feature to community admins on Twitter like Facebook group. Actually, before joining the groups on Facebook, a question is asked to the users, after which the administrators take the decision on this basis to allow the person entry or not to enter the group. Musk is providing a similar feature to private community administrators. Now, before joining the private community on Twitter, users will have to answer the questions asked and follow the rules of the group, after which they will be able to join the community upon approval. This feature is very useful because it will help the admins in keeping useless people out of the community.

Note, anyone can join the public community but for this also it is necessary to accept the T&C of the group.

Anyone can create a group on Facebook but…

Like Twitter, the question feature available in Facebook is very strong and if the group administrator wants, he can ask multiple questions to the user while joining. However, this is not the case with Twitter. Facebook admins can also question whether they have read the group’s T&C or not, if yes, what does it say? This provides more help and clarity to the group administrator in adding people.

While anyone can create a group on Facebook, this is not the case with Twitter. Only paid users can create communities on Twitter. Although anyone can join it. Community feature is available to Twitter premium users after payment of Rs 900. Like Facebook, Twitter’s community feature is not as popular yet because it is available only for paid users.

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