Due to AI, more women will be employed than men, it was revealed in the report

AI will likely replace these jobs first: Everyone has known the potential of AI. AI tools can do almost all the work that a human is currently doing. The better the AI ​​tool is trained, the more accurate results it will give to all of us. After the launch of Chat GPT in the market last year, the question in everyone’s mind is that how many jobs will be lost due to AI? And what will be its effect in the market. The CEO of Open AI himself has said that due to AI many people will lose their jobs and many new opportunities will also be created. Meanwhile, a new study has come out in which it has been told that due to AI, women will lose more jobs than men. Know why it has been said like this.

Women are more at risk than men

A recent study has been done by McKinsey Global Institute titled ‘Generative AI and the Future of Work in America’. In this study, it was told that by 2030 AI will make an impact in the US job market. Due to AI, data collection and repetitive tasks will be affected. That is, AI will eat the jobs of the people working in these areas. The report said that by 2030 there will be about 12 million business changes in the US alone.

It was also said in the report that due to AI, women will lose more jobs than men. A McKinsey report stated that due to AI automation, women will be 1.5 times more likely to need changes in new businesses than men. That means women’s jobs will go more. In the US, women do more work in food service, customer support and other public dealings. In these areas, women are considered better than men. However, due to AI, all this is going to be affected and AI tools will do the work of women in the coming times.

The McKinsey Global Institute estimated that demand for clerks could decrease by 1.6 million jobs, in addition to losses of 830,000 for retail salespeople, 710,000 for administrative assistants and 630,000 for cashiers. The study said that these jobs have a large proportion of repetitive tasks, data collection and primary data collection that AI can easily do at low cost.

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