Company gave this feature of iPhone to Nothing Phone 2 users, they will be happy with the update.

London based tech company, Nothing has recently launched its own messaging app named Nothing Chats. This app works exactly like iMessages found in iPhone and the company has prepared it for Android users. Company CEO Carl Pei said that he has created an app for Android users similar to iMessage found in iPhone. Nothing Chats app is currently available only to those users who use the company’s latest handset and live in North America, EU and other European regions. App users will start getting access from this Friday i.e. 17th November.

Features of Nothing Chats

Let us tell you, Apple’s iMessage is a problem for Android companies in the US because most of the people like to use this app and that is why they shift to iPhone. Keeping this in mind, Nothing has created its own app which will provide users with the same features as iMessage. For those who do not know what is so special about iMessage, in fact, in this app, users get many features including single message, group message, read receipt, scene indicator, typing sign, voice note which improve the user experience.

Nothing has also provided all these features in its Nothing Chats app. Some features have been rolled out by the company while work on some is ongoing and will be released in the coming days. Soon the company will also provide the features of read receipt and message reaction on the app like iMessage.

Users’ privacy will remain in the app

Carl Pei said that the company has also taken full care of the privacy of the users and told that all the messages sent are stored on the device itself. This means that they are not captured on the server, which maintains your privacy. All messages sent in Nothing Chats come in blue color, as is the case in iPhone’s iMessage. That means the company has also ended the Blue-Green dispute.

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