ChatGPT drinks 500ml water for answering every 25 to 50 questions, know what is the matter?

ChatGPT consumes water: Chat GPT was launched by Open AI in the month of November last year. After the arrival of this chatbot, the way of working has changed and today many tasks are being done with the help of AI. Even AI anchors have come in television channels. After Chat GPT came in front, for the first time a common man came to know about the potential of AI and how it can change the future. Seeing the popularity of AI, all the tech companies are working in this direction. Although experts and governments are also worried about AI because it can be misused against people. Also, it can pose a threat to privacy. Apart from this, artificial intelligence is also harmful for the environment. In case you are wondering how, in fact, the Chat GPT with whom you answer questions drinks about 500 ml of water for every 20 to 50 questions. Yes, it is true.

Revealed in research

Researchers from the University of Colorado Riverside and the University of Texas Arlington revealed that AIs drink millions of liters of fresh water to keep their processing systems cool. Researchers told that 7,00,000 liters of fresh water is needed to train GPT-3 in Microsoft’s data center. This is roughly equivalent to making 350 BMWs and 320 Tesla electric vehicles. He told that if GPT-3 is trained in Asian data centers, then water consumption will increase up to 3 times.

Researchers in Colorado and Texas said that Open AI’s Chat GPT drinks 500 ml of water for every 25 to 50 questions it answers. Actually, this chatbot is based on machine learning and its data center processes millions of queries every second. That’s why the temperature of the data center remains cool and there is no problem in it, for this they are cooled with water.

Let me tell you, Chat GPT is not the only one that consumes lakhs of liters of water. Google’s Bard also drinks a lot of water to keep the data center cool.
A website named The Oregonian revealed that Google’s global data centers consumed 15 billion gallons of water in 2022. In fact, this website challenged Dallas, a city in Oregon, to reveal how much water a Google data center in the area was using. The investigation revealed that Google has consumed about 1.25 billion liters of water in the region in 2021 alone, which can be given to more than one million homes for a year.

Companies are working to save the environment

To save water and the environment, a company is considering building its data center in a cool place so that both water and money can be saved. Microsoft is currently the only company that has experimented with underwater data centers and claims that this technology is effective and that water can be saved. Here, Google also said during a press release that the company uses seawater or recycled water wherever possible and invests in renewable energy sources and carbon offsets to power its data centers so that the environment can be saved. Microsoft has talked about reducing the water used by its data centers by 95 percent by 2024. The company wants to adopt zero water footprint and for this it is finding new ways.

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