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Ex CEO Linda Yaccarino: Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter, this platform has been continuously a part of the news. The company has been in the headlines due to Elon Musk’s decision. However, this time the reason for coming in the news is not Elon Musk but Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino. In fact, at a public event, X CEO Linda Yaccarino showed people her iPhone home screen. During this time people could see all the applications on the phone but one important app was not visible. Since then people have started discussing it.

Linda Yaccarino shows her iPhone’s home screen to people at Vox Media’s Code 2023 conference. During this time people could not see the Twitter app on the main page. Apps like Starbucks, Gmail, Signal and Apple Messages, FaceTime, Wallet, Camera and Calendar were visible on the screen, but the apps related to them were not visible in the phone. Apart from this, people also saw Meta’s Instagram and Facebook on the home screen of the iPhone. It is possible that the Twitter app was on the second screen of the phone, but because it was not on the main screen, now people are trolling them fiercely.

Linda Yaccarino used to work here earlier

Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino previously served as President of Global Advertising and Partnerships at NBC Universal. He has been specially chosen by Musk to fix the company’s advertising status. Linda joined NBC Universal in 2011 and was responsible for the company’s linear networks, digital and streaming platforms, distribution partnerships and customer relationships. According to the Washington Post, Yaccarino is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University and began her media career as an intern in the media planning department of NBC Universal.

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