Before updating your mobile to Android 14 and iOS 17, just know this, ignoring it will lead to serious consequences.

Google and Apple have launched their new smartphone series in the market some time ago. While Apple launched the Pixel series last month, Google launched the Pixel series this month. With the new Pixel series, the company had given Android 14 update, and also made it live for other Pixel users. Apple has also launched the iPhone 15 series with iOS 17. However, with the new OS, people were facing the problem of mobile heating. To fix this problem, Apple has released a new update some time ago.

This problem is coming on updating

Android and iOS users are facing the problem of green lines or small green dots after updating to the new OS. Actually, as soon as a famous tipster Mukul Sharma updated his Pixel 7 to Android 14, a green dot started appearing in his smartphone. He has shared its picture through social media. Similarly, as soon as an iPhone user updated his iPhone 13 to the new OS, he also started seeing green lines on the screen.

Should you update your phone now or not?

See, whenever a new update comes, there is some problem in it. Like mobile heating, glitch or any bug etc. Within the first 4-5 days, the company releases a new patch for the update as per the queries of the users. In such a situation, you should not install the new update on your phone immediately. It is better that you wait for one to two weeks so that you get a stable update and do not face any problems. Usually mobile companies fix all the problems during this period.

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