Ask Gita chatbot installed in ‘Bharat Mandapam’ for foreign guests, what is its function?

G20 Summit 2023: The G20 ministers’ meeting is to be held on September 9 and 10 at Bharat Mandapam, Pragati Maidan, Delhi. The government has made all preparations to make this summit grand. India will also showcase its hi-tech technology to foreign guests. For this ‘Digital India Experience Zone’ has been created in Bharat Mandapam where foreign guests will get a chance to know about many new things of India. The Government of India has also installed a special AI chatbot in the Digital India experience area in Hall 4 and 14 of Bharat Mandapam, which will answer the questions of the guests based on the Bhagavad Gita.

India’s digital achievements will be visible in the digital zone

Actually, the government has installed Ask GITA chatbot in the digital zone, which tells foreign guests the solution to every problem related to their life on the basis of Bhagavad Gita. Like you may ask, what to do to be happy? What to do if you do not get success etc. A video in this regard has been posted by PIB from its Twitter account. Through the chatbot, foreign guests can know the answers to questions in English and Hindi.

An exhibition has also been set up in this summit which will tell the guests about the digital successes of India since 2014. A digital zone has been set up at the summit to showcase India’s digital capabilities and services. It will be headed by the Union Ministry of Electronics and IT.

Guests will not face any payment problems

Government of India has introduced UPI One World Framework to make digital payments easier for the guests coming to the G20 Summit. UPI One World Framework is a prepaid payment instrument (PPI) integrated with UPI services and exclusively accessible to foreign nationals and NRIs coming from G20 member countries.

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