Airtel AirFiber vs Jio AirFiber: Which is cheaper and which is expensive? Know what is the difference in speed

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Airtel AirFiber vs Jio AirFiber: Reliance Jio has launched its Air Fiber, currently it has been started only in 8 cities of the country – Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune. Jio Air Fiber plans start from Rs 599.

On the other hand, Airtel had launched Air Fiber some time ago. In which Airtel has introduced only one plan and its price is Rs 7,733. Here we are telling you the complete details of Jio Air Fiber and Airtel Air Fiber plan, knowing which you can buy the plan as per your need.

jio air fiber plan

Jio Air Fiber plan can be taken for a period of 6 months and 12 months. In which if you buy a 6 month plan from the company, you will have to pay an installation charge of Rs 1000. On taking the 12 month plan, you will not have to pay any installation charge.

The company has launched two plans named Air Fiber and Air Fiber Max in the market. In Air Fiber plan, the customer will get two types of speed plans, 30 Mbps and 100 Mbps. The company has kept the price of the initial 30 Mbps plan at Rs 599. Whereas the price of 100 Mbps plan has been kept at Rs 899. In both the plans, the customer will get more than 550 digital channels and 14 entertainment apps. Under the Air Fiber plan, the company has also introduced a plan of Rs 1199 with 100 Mbps speed. In which along with 550 channels and apps, premium apps like Netflix, Amazon and Jio Cinema will also be available.

Max plan is for fast speed users

Users who want higher internet speed can choose one of the ‘Air Fiber Max’ plans. The company has launched three plans in the market ranging from 300 Mbps to 1000 Mbps i.e. 1 Gbps. You will get 300 Mbps speed for Rs 1499. Users will get speed up to 500 Mbps for Rs 2499 and if the user wants to take a plan with 1 Gbps speed, then he will have to spend Rs 3999. More than 550 digital channels, 14 entertainment apps and premium apps like Netflix, Amazon and Jio Cinema will also be available with all plans.

airtel air fiber plan

Airtel has currently launched the Air Fiber plan in Delhi and Mumbai only. The company claims that Airtel Extreme Air gives twice the speed of the Fiber WiFi router. If we talk about the price of Airtel Air Fiber, then in this you get a plan of 6 months, for which you can buy it by paying Rs 7,733, in which GST is included separately. This plan also includes a security deposit of Rs 2500. In such a situation, for the first time you will have to pay Rs 7,733 and for the next 6 months you will have to pay Rs 4435.

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