AI is being used to extinguish forest fires, how?

AI detects wildfires: AI is playing an important role in every field. It is being used from education to medical and legal fields as well. Meanwhile, news is coming out that AI is also being used to deal with natural calamities. Actually, AI is being used to control the forest fire in California and prevent it from spreading in time. With the help of 1000 cameras installed across the state, the fire is being prevented from spreading. Actually, the data of these cameras has been fed into the AI ​​machine. As soon as these cameras detect a picture of fire, the AI ​​system gets alerted and the fire brigade team gets information about it.

Launched ALERTCalifornia AI

The ALERTCalifornia AI program was launched in California last month. An example of controlling fire with the help of AI tool has also come to the fore. Indeed, a camera caught fire at 3 a.m. local time in the remote Cleveland National Forest, about 50 miles (80 km) east of San Diego. Because it was early morning people were sleeping and the smoke was hidden in the dark. This could have spread the forest fire. But with the help of AI tool, the fire was spotted in time and the fire captain was immediately alerted. The captain called around 60 firefighters including seven engines, two bulldozers, two water tankers and two hand crews to the spot and the fire was brought under control within 45 minutes. If there was no AI tool during this time, the fire could have taken a bigger form and people could have been harmed.

This AI platform has been developed by the engineers of the University of California San Diego. The platform relies on 1,038 cameras installed by various public agencies and power utilities across the state, each capable of rotating 360 degrees. These cameras can be controlled by remote.

Presently this platform is being made better and accurate. Data is being fed in it so that it provides accurate results. Apart from video, the AI ​​platform collects all kinds of data in different ways such as smoke, thermal infrared data of the area, during winter, the platform is also capable of measuring atmospheric rivers and snowpack. Neil Driscoll, professor of geology and geophysics at UCSD and Alert California principal investigator, said the team is also collecting data on burn marks and erosion, sediment dispersal, water quality and soil quality, and testing different types. It is ongoing so that the AI ​​platform can be made perfect.

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