After TV, LG will now launch AI robot, you will be happy to know its features

LG is a well-known company in the TV industry. Many of you may also have TVs of this company installed in your homes. Now LG is about to launch its AI robot. The company will launch its AI robot at the CES 2024 event which will help you in many household tasks. This event will run from January 9 to January 12. The company’s robot works with the help of AI and can understand many types of commands like your words, language, photos etc.

What is the speciality?

The company has designed this AI robot like other robots, which has both legs and wheels. With the help of wheels, this robot can easily go to different corners of the house. You can also talk to this robot. With the help of AI, it understands things and their meaning and then gives you a response in the same way. Not only is this robot quick at talking but it can also control all your smart home appliances. Even when you are not at home, this robot takes care of the entire house and can also take care of your children, pets etc.

This robot also understands mood

This robot is equipped with cameras and sensors with the help of which it can easily understand your face. With the help of sensors, it gives many types of information like room temperature, air quality etc. This robot also welcomes you when you return home and also plays songs according to your mood while listening to your facial expressions and voice. Lu Jae-cheol, President of LG Electronics Home Appliance and Air Solution Company, said that the company’s new device will change the experience of smart living in homes and make life more enjoyable.

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