A great discount of 70% is available on Google One, you will get 200GB storage for just ₹ 50.

google one offer: Google One is the cloud storage platform of Google Company. Google provides free storage service of up to 15 GB to its users in its drive, but if the 15 GB space becomes full, then the users buy the service of Google One cloud storage, so that they can store their data safely in Google One.

Got a strong offer on Google One service

Users have to spend a lot of money to buy storage in Google One, but now Google has decided to give up to 70 percent discount to Indian users for this service. After this discount offer of Google company, the price of basic plan of Google One with 100GB storage has reduced to just Rs 35 per month. Let us show you the discount prices of all the plans of Google One.

Rate list of all plans of Google One

  • Basic plan of Google One: 100 GB Now only Rs 35 per month will have to be paid for this storage plan, whereas earlier Rs 130 per month had to be spent.
  • Google One Standard Plan: 200 GB Earlier one had to pay Rs 210 per month for this storage plan, but now the facility of 200 GB storage will be available for just Rs 50 per month.
  • Google One Premier Plan: 300GB Earlier, for this storage plan, users had to pay Rs 650 per month, but now by spending only Rs 160 per month, users will get the facility of 300GB storage.

Offer available only for these users

However, keep in mind that this offer of Google One will be valid only for three months, and its benefit will be available only to those users who have not yet used the service of Google One.

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