5 amazing features that came in WhatsApp this year, have you checked?

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Features of Whatsapp 2023: WhatsApp keeps working on new features for better user experience. Let us tell you that till now in 2023 the company has rolled out 5 features for the users, today we will tell you which features have been released for you so far this year.

Multiple account feature

For many years users were waiting for this feature. With the introduction of multiple device feature, now users can run their same WhatsApp account on more than one device. To run an account on a new device, when you see the screen for entering the phone number on your second device, then you have to click on the three dots on the top right side, here you have to click on Link To Existing Account.

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chat lock

Earlier, users had to either archive the chat or lock WhatsApp itself to hide the chat, but removing this problem of the users, the company has rolled out the feature of locking the chat itself. To lock the chat, you have to click on the name of the person in front of you after opening the chat, after clicking on the name, scroll down here you will see the chat lock option.

edit message

In 2023, WhatsApp has added another amazing feature to the app and the name of this feature is Edit Message. Before the introduction of this feature, if there was any mistake in sending the message, then the message itself had to be deleted, but now after the introduction of this feature, users get the facility to edit the message within 15 minutes.

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