36 new features rolled out on YouTube, know which ones are useful for you

YouTube: YouTube has recently rolled out 36 new features simultaneously. After the release of these features, the experience of video streaming platform YouTube will change completely for you. Till now you might have found the look of the app a bit dull, which has now been launched with a dark theme. If you also want to know about these features of YouTube, then we are going to tell you about these selective features.

Fast forward will be faster than before

Till now you could fast forward the video on YouTube only for 10 seconds, but now it has been increased to 20 seconds. If you want to do it more, then you can go to YouTube settings and do it as per your wish.

control audio control

This feature will definitely improve the user experience. Many times you might have noticed that the sound goes up and down in the middle of the video. Meaning, a complete atmosphere has been created and the volume is getting disturbed, in such a situation YouTube has now given the feature of volume stable, in which the volume will not get disturbed while playing the video.

bigger now really is better

While watching a video, when you and I fast forward it, the preview seen on the screen is small. This will not happen in future. Let us tell you that if you want to see the top moment of a video or want to go back and watch a scene again, then the preview will appear bigger. Move your finger on the screen and stop wherever you want.

lock screen on mobile

Was watching a video on YouTube and accidentally touched the screen. Obviously the video will go back and forth. Play or pause can also be done and if the forward button is pressed, the next video can also be seen. What a problem, brother. YouTube has brought a suitable solution to this. Lock screen mode will be available in mobile. If this is enabled the screen will freeze. You must have seen this feature in other video streaming platforms like Amazon or Netflix.

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