2024 will be great for WhatsApp, users will get some amazing modern features in the new year

WhatsApp Features: WhatsApp users are always waiting for some new features. WhatsApp’s parent company Meta also does not give any chance to its users to be disappointed. The company keeps introducing new features in its messaging app continuously. Something similar is going to happen in the new year also.

2024 has started, and with the new year, WhatsApp is also going to introduce some new features in its app for its users. Let us tell you about some new features coming in the beginning of the year 2024.

Username feature

The username feature is going to come in WhatsApp, which was being awaited for the last several months. This feature has been used in X (old name Twitter) for a long time. After the arrival of this new feature, WhatsApp users will also be able to choose their favorite username like Twitter. Through this, users will have to write their name after @ in WhatsApp. This will be your unique WhatsApp username, after which you will be able to use WhatsApp without sharing your phone number. After that, to send or receive anything on WhatsApp, you will have to share only the username and not the number.

Music audio sharing feature

With the beginning of 2024, another amazing feature is going to come in WhatsApp, through which users will be able to share music audio during video calls. Apart from this, screen sharing feature is also going to come in WhatsApp, which users will be able to use during video calls also. With the help of these two new features, users will also be able to watch things like movies or web series with their friends or relatives through WhatsApp video call.

WhatsApp chat will be done by AI

According to a latest report by Mashable, WhatsApp is working on developing a feature with the help of which users will be able to chat with the chatbot. However, no official update has come yet regarding this feature.

Apart from these three new features, many new features like better search options, creating group polls, scheduling group events are expected to come in WhatsApp during 2024. Now it remains to be seen how long users will be able to use all these features.

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