If you love junk food then be careful, keep distance from today itself, otherwise your heart will get sick.

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health tips : Everyone eats junk food with great enthusiasm. This is the first choice especially for children and youth. They ignore natural foods instead of junk food. Which affects their health. Due to junk food, there is a risk of chronic diseases ranging from serious heart diseases and obesity. According to health experts, our …

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Air pollution is increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke, know how ‘dangerous’ it is for heart health.

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Air pollution and heart: The pollution level of Delhi-NCR has reached dangerous levels. Life is becoming difficult due to the air being poisonous. The risk of spreading many types of diseases is increasing by breathing polluted air. The biggest problem is breathing. Apart from this, the risk of diabetes and other chronic problems may also …

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Pollution increases in Delhi even before Diwali, condition of diabetes and heart patients may worsen.

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ill effects of pollution : Delhi’s air has become bad before Dussehra-Diwali. The level of pollution has increased. The air quality (AQI) was recorded at 266 on Sunday morning. In such a situation, it can increase many health problems including difficulty in breathing. Health experts are advising everyone to avoid bad air (Delhi Air Pollution). …

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Attention ! Heart diseases are increasing due to deficiency of this special vitamin, even a small mistake can cost your life.

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heart disease : Due to deteriorating lifestyle and poor eating habits, the number of heart patients has increased rapidly in the last few years. According to WHO, heart disease is a fatal disease. The most serious thing about it is that its risk increases with increasing age. Even young people are falling prey to it. …

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