This actress, who ran away after stealing money from home, filled her stomach by taking out food from the garbage, has broken two marriages


Every person has some skill within himself. Some people’s family members recognize and appreciate a person’s talent, while some people go against their family members to achieve their goals. There are many people in the industry who have entered this profession against their family members. Some of these became hits, while some are still wandering …

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If you love junk food then be careful, keep distance from today itself, otherwise your heart will get sick.

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health tips : Everyone eats junk food with great enthusiasm. This is the first choice especially for children and youth. They ignore natural foods instead of junk food. Which affects their health. Due to junk food, there is a risk of chronic diseases ranging from serious heart diseases and obesity. According to health experts, our …

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Do not eat these 5 food items even by mistake on an empty stomach, your mood will remain bad throughout the day…it will have a bad effect on your health.

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, you must have heard from elders that breakfast should be very good and healthy because it is the first meal of the whole day. If you have a healthy and good breakfast, then along with keeping the digestive system of your stomach healthy, it also …

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