Serious diseases caused by adulterated turmeric! Identify whether what you are buying is real or fake.

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You will definitely find turmeric in any kitchen. When it comes to delicious vegetables and health, the first thing people use is turmeric. From Ayurveda to modern science also believes that turmeric has many such properties which improve our immunity. Eating this only benefits the body. Turmeric is used in most of the recipes made …

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3 people killed in Army’s ‘fake encounter’, father said – Muslims are not getting… from the courts.

3 people killed in Army's 'fake encounter', father said - Muslims are not getting... from the courts.

Jammu Kashmir News: Three people were killed in a ‘fake encounter’ by the Indian Army in Shopian district of Jammu and Kashmir in July 2020. The army also prosecuted an officer in this case. But recently the officer’s life imprisonment sentence was suspended. Meanwhile, Mohammad Yousuf Chauhan, 65, father of Abrar Ahmed, the man killed …

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Fake a sick sister and pretend to be a friend to cheat Rs 40,000, don’t make this mistake

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What is deepfake? Misuse of Artificial Intelligence has started increasing. People are taking advantage of AI and targeting common people. Recently you must have seen a fake video of Indian actress Rashmika Mandanna through social media in which the help of Deepfake technology was taken. With the help of this technology, a scammer has defrauded …

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Be careful of fake sweets on the occasion of Diwali, if you do not pay attention then these can cause harm to health.

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Harm from adulterated sweetsThe festival of Deepawali (Deepawali 2023) has started across the country. On this occasion, along with worshiping, the practice of decorating the house and sweetening each other’s mouth is quite old. In such a situation, sweets (fake sweets) are also given to each other along with gifts. In such a situation, when …

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Colorful sweets, which are dangerous for health, are being sold on Diwali, this is how to fake the real thing.

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Adulteration in Diwali sweets: The festival of Deepawali (Deepawali 2023) has just arrived. On Diwali, Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesh ji are worshiped and sweets are eaten in abundance. On this occasion people also gift sweets (mithai) to each other. In such a situation, the demand for sweets increases in the market and hence fraudsters and …

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