These are the amazing benefits of eating stale curd and rice, it keeps everything from weight to digestion healthy.

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Fermented curd rice is a famous food recipe of many cultures in India. It has a special identity due to its distinct taste and creamy recipe. Besides this, it is also considered very beneficial for health. Today we will talk about its benefits through this article. Benefits of eating fermented curd rice 1.Rich in probioticsFermented …

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If you start the day with hot water then know five big benefits, if you do not drink then start from today

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Hot drinking water: Waking up daily in the morning and drinking hot water is very beneficial for health. Drinking hot water strengthens the digestive system and removes the problem of constipation. It increases the activity of the intestines. Also, the heat present in hot water helps in weight loss as it reduces appetite. Hot water …

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