Not Samsung or Qualcomm but this is the world’s most profitable chip making company

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Most Profitable Semiconductor Firms: Graphics chip giant Nvidia has become the most profitable semiconductor firm in the third quarter (Q3) of this year, defeating Samsung, Intel and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). According to ET report, Taipei-based financial analyst Dan Nystedt compiled financial results from Intel, Nvidia, Samsung Semiconductor and TSMC for all quarters since …

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The company has given a new update in the dating app Tinder, by writing all this on the profile, connections will be made instantly.

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Dating App Tinder Update: Tinder has made some updates to the app to make users’ profile pages more informative and start conversations easier. The company is launching features like profile prompt, conversation starter, profile quiz, basic information tag and dark mode. Users can now write prompts like “The key to my heart is… “The first …

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You will be able to buy a car from Amazon sitting at home, you will be able to order the cars of this company

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E-commerce joint Amazon sells a variety of products across the world today. The company started with books and today Amazon’s network is spread all over the world. Apart from TV, smartphone, clothes, fashion items, now you will also be able to order cars from Amazon. Actually, the company has partnered with South Korean company Hyundai …

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