If your smartphone is behaving like this, then understand that your phone has been hacked, know the way to avoid it here.

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Smartphone Hack: If your smartphone gets hacked, then both your financial and personal life becomes difficult, where on one hand hackers cause financial loss to you by breaking into your banking account, and on the other hand they gain access to your personal photos, videos and other files. Easily accessible. If you do not want …

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‘Avoid traveling to Myanmar’, Ministry of External Affairs issued advisory for Indian people

'Avoid traveling to Myanmar', Ministry of External Affairs issued advisory for Indian people

Myanmar violence: In view of the encounter between the militia group People’s Defense Force (PDF) and the soldiers in Myanmar, the Government of India issued an advisory for the Indian people. The Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday (21 November) that people should avoid traveling to Myanmar. The Ministry of External Affairs issued a statement saying, …

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Why does the refrigerator make a rattling sound in winter? If you want to avoid loss then know the reason

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Refrigerator Maintenance: In the winter season, the use of the refrigerator reduces significantly, hence many people keep the refrigerator running in this season, but many times you must have noticed that a rattling sound comes from the refrigerator, which suddenly turns off. It starts and then stops automatically. If such a sound is coming from …

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