People have become crazy about this Android phone after leaving iPhone, it is being sold heavily, what is special?

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Huawei Mate 60 Series: We don’t need to tell you what the craze is about Apple’s iPhone. Apple’s iPhones are purchased in large quantities across the world. However, meanwhile, a Chinese smartphone has gained a lot of limelight in the domestic market and people are buying it enthusiastically. The situation is that its sales in …

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This feature of iPhone 15 will also be available in Android phones, turn it on like this

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Dynamic Island Feature: In Apple’s latest iPhone series, the company has given Dynamic Island feature which benefits the users in many ways. iPhone users can access many things including navigation, music, notifications with the help of Dynamic Island feature. Apple had given this feature for the first time in iPhone 14 Pro models. However, this …

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Those messages coming on WhatsApp and SMS which should not be clicked, otherwise you will become a pauper.

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Fake message: Security company McAfee has recently released its Global Scam Message Study. In the report, smartphone users have been warned and informed about dangerous message lines. Which criminals send on SMS or WhatsApp to hack their device or steal money. The report claims that 82% of Indians have clicked on such fake messages or …

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