Sumona Chakraborty Birthday: Kapil’s onscreen wife Sumona Chakraborty was addicted to cigarettes, now even smoke cannot be tolerated

Sumona Chakravarti Birthday: कपिल की ऑनस्क्रीन पत्नी सुमोना चक्रवर्ती को थी सिगरेट की लत, अब धुआं भी नहीं होता बर्दाश्त

Sumona Chakraborty Image Credit source: Photo Credit: Instagram Sumona Chakraborty Birthday Special: TV’s famous actress Sumona Chakraborty She is very popular for her beauty and outspokenness. From Comedy Nights With Kapil Kapil Sharma Sumona, who plays his onscreen wife, remains very active on social media and her photos and videos get a lot of headlines …

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