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A person gets only as much as luck gives him, but hard work gives him everything he wants, read 5 motivational sentences related to hard work.

Success runs on the wheels of hard work, read 5 priceless lessons related to it

Hard work is the mother of luck, read 5 motivational sentences related to it

Madhukar Mishra

Madhukar Mishra

Updated on: Dec 04, 2022 | 6:20 AM

To achieve anything in life, a person needs to make continuous efforts and hard work in the right direction. Without hard work it is impossible to fulfill any of his dreams. Many times some people keep waiting for their dream to be fulfilled by luck and their dream falls in the lap of that man, who is waiting to water it with his sweat. Every difficulty in life becomes easy if you work hard.

All the great people of the world have clearly said that hard work is the price a person has to pay for achieving any success in life. If you have this then you are definitely successful, but if you do not have this then success is always far away from you. Come, to understand the meaning of hard work in life, read 5 big mantras of success told by saints and great men.

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  1. There is no shortcut to success in life, it is always achieved only after working hard.
  2. The money in which there is no smell of your own sweat, that money can give all the means of happiness but not peace of mind.
  3. The three things that are needed to fulfill any dream related to life include hard work, determination and discretion.
  4. There is no secret to success in life, it is the result of your preparation, hard work and the lessons learned from failure.
  5. No dream ever turns into reality by a miracle, it takes a person’s sweat, determination and hard work to do so.

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