The nature of Wankhede pitch will be changed, now India-New Zealand semi-final will be played on slow wicket.

India vs New Zealand Semifinal Pitch Updates: In the semi-final match between India and New Zealand, the mood of the pitch of Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium may seem slightly changed. That means, compared to the previous matches of World Cup 2023 held on this ground, this pitch may behave a little differently. We are saying this because most of the grass has been removed from the Wankhede pitch. In such a situation, the extra help that the fast bowlers were getting from the pitch in the second innings will no longer be visible.

The Wankhede pitch on which the India-New Zealand semi-final match will be played will become slow due to the removal of grass. That means spinners can be more effective here than fast bowlers. However, there is no possibility of getting that much turn from this pitch. Overall, now like in the first innings, the batsmen can bat in the second innings also.

Team India will benefit
The Indian team will be in greater advantage due to the slow pitch. Actually, the pitches on Indian grounds are generally slow. In such a situation, Indian players have a habit of playing on these slow pitches. In the last few years, Team India has defeated many matches against the opposition teams on these slow pitches.

How has the mood of the pitch been so far?
So far four matches have been played at Wankhede in the World Cup 2023. These four matches were also day-night. The nature of the pitch remained the same in all these matches. Here the teams batting first made big scores and in response the run chasing team got bundled out cheaply. Batting has been easy here in the afternoon but during the night the new ball was seen swinging more and for longer periods in the second innings.

Here the first 20 overs in the second innings have been a nightmare for the batsmen. However, after 20 overs, batting here has been easier than in the afternoon. That means, if the run chasing team somehow completes the first 20 overs then its victory is possible. Something similar happened in the Australia-Afghanistan match. In this match, Australia lost 7 wickets within 100 runs but after this Australia defeated Afghanistan by adding 200 runs without losing any wicket.

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