‘Retire Hurt’ or ‘Retire Out’? Rohit Sharma’s decision in Super Over backfired; Know the whole controversy

Rohit Sharma retired hurt by retire out debate: The third T20 played between India and Afghanistan was completed after two super overs. There was a lot of drama in the match including two super overs. But meanwhile, a question is rapidly arising that why and how did Rohit Sharma go out of the field before the last ball during the first Super Over? Did Rohit Sharma retire out or retire hurt? Rinku Singh came on the field in place of Rohit Sharma for the last ball.

However, it was not completely clear whether Rohit Sharma was retired hurt or retired out, because the Indian captain came on the field to bat in the next Super Over. According to the playing conditions of ICC in Men’s T20 International, if any batsman is out in the previous Super Over, then he will not be eligible to bat in the next Super Over. In such a situation, if Rohit Sharma had retired, he would not have come to bat again in the next Super Over. However, it is yet to be cleared by the umpires as to how Rohit Sharma went out of the field.

No official information has been revealed yet regarding Rohit’s decision, but ‘ESPNcricinfo’ has described Rohit Sharma as ‘retired out’. It is also possible that Rohit Sharma replaced himself with Rinku Singh to run away two runs quickly on the last ball, but this is only a conjecture.

While talking after the match, Rohit Sharma said, “I don’t remember the last time this happened. I think I batted three times in an IPL match.”

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