Now wait for four more years, know when and where the next Cricket World Cup will be held; A to Z information

Next Cricket World Cup: World Cup 2023 has been completed. After reaching the final, Team India missed out on lifting the trophy here. Now Indian cricket fans will have to wait for four more years to see the World Cup trophy in the hands of Team India. The next World Cup in ODI cricket is now to be held in the year 2027. This World Cup is hosted by South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia. The three countries will together host the next World Cup.

This will be the second time that the World Cup will be played in the African continent. Earlier, World Cup 2003 was also organized in Africa. Then Kenya hosted World Cup matches along with South Africa and Zimbabwe. In that World Cup, South Africa and Zimbabwe were eliminated from the group stage but Kenya reached the semi-finals. Kenya had to face defeat at the hands of the Indian team in the semi-finals.

This World Cup held in Africa 20 years ago was memorable for Team India. The Indian team reached the World Cup final for the first time after 1983. However, even then India had to face defeat at the hands of Australia.

Qualification of these countries is confirmed
Being hosts, South Africa and Zimbabwe are sure to play World Cup 2027 but this will not happen with Namibia. He will have to make his place on the basis of his performance in the next few years. Namibia’s World Cup entry formula will remain the same as it is for other teams.

How many teams will participate and how will the entry be done?
14 teams will participate in the next World Cup. Two of these teams are already decided. After this, the top 8 teams in the ICC ODI rankings will get direct World Cup tickets for a fixed time limit before the World Cup. The remaining four teams will be able to enter this biggest tournament of cricket through qualifier matches.

What will be the format?
There will be two groups of 7 teams each in the World Cup 2027. Here, after the round robin stage, the top 3 teams from both the groups will advance to the next stage. That means there will be 6 teams in the second round. The team of one group will play one match each against all the teams of the other group. In this way, each team will have three matches in this round. In this stage two teams will be eliminated and then the semi-final match will be played.

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