MS Dhoni: How MS Dhoni’s tips made Hardik Pandya a better player? The all-rounder…

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Hardik Pandya on MS Dhoni: A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this video Indian team all-rounder Hardik Pandya is talking about Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Hardik Pandya is telling in the viral video how Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s tips helped him to become a better cricketer. Also, he said that when he met Mahendra Singh Dhoni for the first time, what question did he ask?

‘How to deal with backlash in international matches’

Hardik Pandya said that for the first time in the year 2016, I asked Mahendra Singh Dhoni how to handle the response of international matches? Also I asked Captain Cool that there is pressure on you as a bowler and a batsman, how do you improve under these pressures? In response to which Mahendra Singh Dhoni gave a funny answer. Mahendra Singh Dhoni said in response to the question that just have to see the score board. Also, Captain Cool said that one should always play according to the needs of his team and not for personal records.

‘Always play for ‘We’, not for ‘I”

Hardik Pandya says that Mahendra Singh Dhoni always said to play for ‘We’ and not for ‘I’. To beat your personal records and goals. Hardik Pandya said that Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s advice helped him a lot in becoming better as a player. Actually, the Indian all-rounder was talking about Mahendra Singh Dhoni on Star Sports Network. Apart from this, Hardik Pandya is seen reacting on different topics.

Hardik Pandya made his international debut in the year 2016.

However, Hardik Pandya’s video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Apart from this, social media users are constantly giving their feedback by commenting. Significantly, Hardik Pandya made his debut in the year 2016. At that time the captain of the Indian team was Mahendra Singh Dhoni. However, before that Hardik Pandya had played for Mumbai Indians. Hardik Pandya made his IPL debut in the year 2015. While played for Team India for the first time in the year 2016.

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