IPL 2024 will not be played in India? Know why such possibilities can arise

IPL 2024 Host: There is not much time left for the start of the 17th edition of IPL. This biggest league of the cricket world will start in March. At present, its schedule is yet to be announced but it is believed that the excitement of IPL 2024 will start in the last week of March. But there is some doubt about whether this tournament will be held in India only this time.

In fact, when IPL 2024 is about to start, Lok Sabha elections will also start in the country. Probably, as long as the IPL continues, the Lok Sabha elections will also continue. Lok Sabha elections to be held in different phases can start from the end of March and continue till mid-May. This means that during the entire IPL, there will be a buzz about elections across the country. Now the question arises that what is the connection with not being able to organize IPL in the country due to the date of IPL clashing with elections?

The answer to this question can be found from the fact that in the past too, when Lok Sabha elections have been held in the country, IPL had to be organized outside India. When Lok Sabha elections were held in 2009, IPL was organized in South Africa. After this, during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, matches had to be held in India as well as UAE. This is the reason that due to the general elections of 2024, the hosting of IPL may shift to somewhere other than India.

Why is IPL hosting affected due to elections?
The question also arises that why IPL had to be taken out of the country twice during the Lok Sabha elections. There are many reasons behind this. Firstly, this IPL is a big tournament. In such a situation, strong security arrangements have to be made during the matches for the entire two months. There is a possibility of a slight reduction in these security arrangements due to the Lok Sabha elections because even during elections, security personnel are deployed on a large scale across the country. Then there is the fear of disturbing the atmosphere during elections. Due to matches being held at the time of elections, there is a need to bring a lot of changes in law and order. This is the reason that to avoid all this, IPL had to be organized outside India twice.

So what will happen this time?
IPL took place in India during the Lok Sabha elections held in the year 2019. Then there was a better balance in the security arrangements during elections and matches. The dates of the matches were also decided keeping in mind the voting phase. In such a situation, it is possible that this time too, along with the elections, IPL may also be organized simultaneously in India.

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