India-New Zealand clash in Wankhede, toss will play an important role here; Know the real nature of the pitch

Wankhede pitch report: The first semi-final match of the World Cup 2023 will be played today (15 November). Teams of India and New Zealand will compete in this match. The toss will take place at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai at 1.30 pm and this will be the moment where victory and defeat will be decided to a large extent. This is because the recent records of Wankhede Stadium are telling the same story.

So far four matches of this World Cup have been played in Wankhede. All four matches have been day-night and similar conditions have arisen in all four. In all four matches, batting here in the afternoon has seemed very easy but batting in the second innings at night has been a challenge. The first 20 overs of the second innings have been a nightmare for the batting team.

Wankhede’s recent record
In the first three matches held at Wankhede in the World Cup 2023, the team batting first has scored huge scores and has achieved a big victory by defeating the run chasing team cheaply. There has been a successful run chase in the only Australia-Afghanistan match. However, here too Afghanistan gave seven blows to Australia within 100 runs in the second innings.

What will be the mood of the pitch today?
The nature of the pitch is expected to remain the same today as it has been in the last four matches of this World Cup. That means the formula ‘win the toss, win the match’ is going to be effective. Batting will be easy here in the afternoon but at night the fast bowlers will dominate in the first 20 overs of the second innings. This is because the new ball will swing more and longer at night on the Wankhede pitch. However, once the batsmen somehow bowl out 20 overs, then batting in the remaining 30 overs will be easier than the afternoon.

Overall, if the team is batting first then its chances of victory will be more but if the run chasing team faces the first 20 overs well in the night then the tables can turn and the team batting later will also become the winner. Can.

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