IND vs AUS: Arshdeep Singh, who was the culprit of the match for 19 overs, led India to victory, read the last…

Arshdeep Singh: Arshdeep Singh had become a villain in the eyes of Indian fans. Australian batsmen had scored 37 runs in the first 3 overs of this bowler. But just 6 balls turned Arshdeep Singh from a villain to a hero. The start was not good for Arshdeep Singh, the opposition batsmen scored 14 runs in the first over. Even after this, runs were being scored easily on Arshdeep Singh’s balls. Also, this bowler was continuously bowling full toss balls, Kangaroo batsmen were hitting the desired shots, but Arshdeep became the hero in the over.

Last 6 balls, Matthew Wade and fans’ eyes on Arshdeep…

Last 6 balls were left, Australia needed 10 runs to win, captain Matthew Wade was batting well. Indian fans had their hopes pinned on Arshdeep Singh… The match was not going well for this bowler, but after what happened on the last 6 balls, Arshdeep Singh emerged as a hero. Arshdeep Singh came to bowl the last over. No runs were scored on the first 2 balls. On the third ball, Arshdeep Singh showed Matthew Wade the way to the pavilion. After this, the atmosphere of Chinnaswamy Stadium was worth seeing, the entire stadium was dancing with joy.

Last 6 balls made Arshdeep Singh a hero

Matthew Wade, who had become a hindrance in India’s victory, had turned to the pavilion. Now Australia had to score 10 runs on the last 3 balls, that is, no runs were scored on the first 3 balls of Arshdeep Singh. 1-1 runs were scored on the fourth and fifth balls. The victory of the Indian team was certain. Again a single came on the last ball. India had won the match by 6 runs. The entire stadium erupted in joy. In this way, the Indian team won the 5 T20 match series 4-1. Arshdeep Singh, who remained a criminal till the 19th over, had become a hero in the eyes of Indian fans.

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