If you lose, you will miss the Champions Trophy too! Know why it is important for England to win against Netherlands

Champions Trophy 2025 Qualification: England’s performance in the World Cup 2023 has been very poor. The situation is that this team occupies the last position in the points table. England has won only one match in the seven matches played so far in this tournament. He has lost all the remaining six matches in a one-sided manner. Due to this poor performance, she has already been out of the race for the semi-finals, but now clouds of crisis are looming over her Champions Trophy 2025 qualification.

Actually, the top-7 teams of World Cup 2023 are to get direct tickets for Champions Trophy 2025. This tournament is to be held in Pakistan. In such a situation, his qualification is already decided. That means, all eight teams for the Champions Trophy are to be decided from this World Cup. In such a situation, to qualify for the Champions Trophy, England will have to finish at least eighth in the points table. At present, achieving this position for the English team is no less than a challenge.

England needs to win both matches
Now only two matches are left for the England team. If it wins both these matches by a good margin then its Champions Trophy berth will be confirmed but if it wins this match by a close margin then it will have to pray that any two teams from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Netherlands either make their final Even if they lose the match or win, their net run rate should be less than England.

If we lose today, it will be very difficult to play Champions Trophy
At the same time, if England loses even one of its last two remaining matches, then Champions Trophy qualification will become very difficult for it. Especially if it loses today’s match against Netherlands, it will be in trouble. In such a situation, he will have to pray for the defeat of both the teams Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in the last matches. Along with this, he will also have to pray that the net run rate of these two teams is less than that. Overall, victory in today’s match is very important for England. Losing today will almost destroy its chances of entry in the Champions Trophy 2025.

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