If you don’t win then excuses start, Australian legend said – ‘T20 series right after the World Cup…’

Michael Hussey: Just 4 days after the end of the World Cup, the 5-match T20 series between India and Australia started. Three matches have been played in this series. India has won the first two matches and Australia has won the third match. However, even in the third match, Team India was close to victory, but Glenn Maxwell snatched that victory. Now the fourth T20 match between these two teams will be played in Raipur and the fifth in Bengaluru.

Australia’s best team is not playing T20 series

Regarding this T20 series, Michael Hussey, a former and veteran Australian cricketer, says that there is no point in this series immediately after the World Cup. He has termed so much cricket happening around the world wrong. Hussey believes that his best players are not playing in the ongoing T20 series against India. He said that there are many Australian players who played the World Cup and should have played in the T20 series as well, but they have returned home either for rest or to prepare for the next Test series. In such a situation, Australia’s best team is not in front of India’s best team.

ODI cricket is a great format

Apart from this, this former Australian batsman said that it is quite surprising that so much cricket is being played all over the world. It is physically and mentally impossible to play in so many tournaments. At the same time, Mike Hussey, who played T20 league cricket for Chennai Super Kings in IPL for years, says that ODI cricket should get more importance in world cricket, and there should be more matches of this format. He said that it is possible that most people may not support my point, but ODI cricket is a wonderful format, and the World Cup is a great example of this, in which incredible cricket has been played.

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