First, Bairstow wanted to dismiss Labushen in the same way, when he himself became the victim, there was a ruckus; watch video

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Jonny Bairstow tries to dismiss Marnus Labuschagne Video: In the second Test of the Ashes series played at Lord’s, there was a lot of controversy regarding the wicket of Johnny Bairstow. After the match was over, both the captains gave statements on this and then after this, a round of allegations and counter-allegations started between the former cricketers of both the countries. Meanwhile, such a video has come to the fore, which will stop the supporters of England.

There is a lot of discussion on Bairstow’s wicket on the 5th day of Lord’s Test. The cricket world is divided into two parts regarding this. During batting in the fourth innings of the match, Bairstow went out of the crease to talk to fellow batsman Stokes after leaving the ball. At the same time wicketkeeper Alex Carey stumped him out. According to the rules, the ball was not dead and Bairstow was given out.

However, very few people know that Bairstow tried to get Marnus Labuschen out in the same match in the same way as he himself got out. After this video surfaced, the fans are reminding Bairstow of sportsmanship.

Bairstow was in his crease and then got out

During the post-match press conference, Ben Stokes said on the question asked about Bairstow’s dismissal, since when was it decided that the umpires would announce the completion of the over. Did the on-field umpires make a movement, was it a deciding over? I do not know. Johnny was in his crease and then came out. I do not want to contest the fact that he was given out.

In his statement, Stokes further said that if the bet was on the other side, I would have put more pressure on the umpires and asked whether they had announced the end of the over or not. I used to think seriously about the spirit of sportsmanship and at the same time I would think, do I want to do this? Do I want to win matches like this? I would not have answered.

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