After the fierce fight, Sreesanth made serious allegations against Gautam, told what he said on the field

legends league cricketNowadays, Legends League cricket is being played among the legends who have retired from cricket. In this tournament, a match was played last night between Gujarat Giants and India Capitals. In this match, Sreesanth was bowling for Gujarat, and Gautam Gambhir was batting for India Capitals. Gautam Gambhir hit some brilliant sixes and fours on some balls of Sreesanth, and then tension started between these two aggressive cricketers of their time.

Sreesanth accused Gambhir

Within a short time, things escalated and there was a lot of controversy between these two former Indian cricketers. Its video went viral on social media, and discussions started among cricket fans. Meanwhile, today i.e. Thursday morning, Sreesanth did a live video from his Instagram account, in which he talked about the fight with Gautam Gambhir during the match. Sreesanth told that Gambhir repeatedly abused him while batting on the pitch, used abusive language against him and also insulted him by calling him a fixer.

Sreesanth said in his video, “Instead of going to every channel and saying it again and again, it is better that I come live and clarify everything at once. Obviously, where he (Gautam Gambhir) comes from, he has an excellent There is a PR team on which they spend a lot of money. I am an ordinary person. I can fight my battle alone with the support of my family and my fans.”

used abusive language

Sreesanth further said, “All I want to say is that, on live television, in the middle of the pitch, he kept calling me fixer…fixer…fixer… (using abusive language) fixer. I just kept laughing and told him what are you saying. I never once used any wrong word or foul language. Even when I moved away from there, and the umpire was stopping him, he told the umpire. He also used the same language for me. He kept using the same words again and again.”

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