Afghanistan’s fourth win makes semi-final race interesting, danger for Pakistan and New Zealand

World Cup 2023 Semi Final Race Scenario: Afghanistan registered its fourth win of the tournament by defeating Netherlands by 7 wickets in the 34th match of the World Cup 2023. Afghanistan’s fourth victory can prove to be a big blow for number four New Zealand and Pakistan, who are already in bad shape. After the victory of the Afghan team, there may be an interesting turn in the race for the semi-finals. Let us know why problems may arise for New Zealand and Pakistan.

Afghanistan has equalized with New Zealand in points after defeating Netherlands. Both the teams have won four wins after 7-7 matches. However, due to difference in net run rate, Afghanistan is one place lower at fifth position. New Zealand is at number four. Apart from this, Pakistan is at number six. In such a situation, Afghanistan can win both its matches and completely eliminate Pakistan from the semi-final race and even after both the wins of New Zealand, it can come at fourth position by defeating New Zealand in terms of net run rate.

But it will not be so easy for Afghanistan to win the next two matches, because the team’s eighth and ninth matches are against Australia and South Africa respectively and both the teams are in very good form. But Afghanistan can spoil Pakistan’s game even with just one win. Because Pakistan has won 3 out of 7 matches and Afghanistan has won four.

Pakistan’s victory can benefit Afghanistan

Pakistan will play the next match against New Zealand, in which by winning, the Pakistani team can retain the Kiwi team on 8 points, which will be beneficial for Afghanistan. For Pakistan, it will be a fight or die match against New Zealand. Then Pakistan will play the next league match against England. Now everything will depend on the next two matches of Afghanistan. If the Afghan team somehow wins both the matches, then it will be almost certain that they will reach the semi-finals.

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