Aakash Chopra becomes victim of fraud, FIR lodged against former manager of Hyderabad Cricket Association

Aakash Chopra: Former Team India cricketer and current commentator Akash Chopra has become a victim of fraud. He has also lodged an FIR against this fraud. In the FIR, he has named former Hyderabad Cricket Association manager Kamlesh Parikh and his son Dhruv Parikh. A case of fraud has been registered against the father and son under Section 406 of the Penal Code.

In the FIR, Akash Chopra has said that he had given Rs 57.8 lakh to Kamlesh and Dhruv for shoe business. This amount was to be returned to him within 30 days. Akash was promised 20% interest along with this amount, but even after more than a year, only Rs 24.5 lakh was returned to the former cricketer.

What was written in the FIR?
Akash has said in the FIR, ‘We had got this agreement notarized, in which it was clear that Dhruv would return the entire money to me with 20% profit within 30 days. For this, some advance checks of fixed dates were also provided. However, one year has passed and only Rs 24.5 lakh have been returned. Two checks have also bounced.

Chopra has also written, ‘I had also talked to Dhruv’s father in this regard and he asked to fulfill the terms of the agreement on behalf of his son but he also did not do anything. Legal notices have been sent but the father and son have not responded in any way. Recovery of principal amount of Rs 33.3 lakh has also become a challenge.

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