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Shraddha Murder Case: After polygraph, now Aftab confesses in narco test too

Shraddha Murder Case Update: The narco test of Aftab Amin Poonawala, accused in the Shraddha murder case, was done on Thursday at Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Hospital in Rohini, Delhi. Aftab’s narco test lasted for 1 hour 50 minutes. After the test, the accused Aftab was kept under observation of the doctors. During this, Aftab once again confessed to killing Shraddha.

According to sources, accused Aftab answered most of the questions asked in the test. During this, he answered many questions in English as well. At the same time, Aftab took some time to answer some questions. But when the question was repeated, he replied. Aftab was looking very confident during the test.

confessed to murder

Accused Aftab has confessed to killing Shraddha during the narco test. Not only this, Aftab has also told which weapons he used to dismember Shraddha’s body and where he threw them. According to sources, even during the test, Aftab was showing cleverness. Please inform that till now he is obeying everything of the police and is cooperating in the investigation. Even agreed for polygraph and narco test. The police is doubting his good behaviour.

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Now Aftab will have another test

Assistant Director of Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) Sanjeev Gupta said that today FSL has completed the narco test of Aftab. Psychologists, technicians, photo experts from FSL and the medical team of Ambedkar Hospital were present during the test. He told that there will be another test after narco. For this, accused Aftab will be brought to FSL, where he will be counselled.

polygraphy test done

Aftab’s polygraph test has been completed, whose final report is being prepared. According to sources, during interrogation, Aftab has confessed that he killed Shraddha. Also said that he has no regrets for killing Shraddha.

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