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SC refuses to hear plea complaining of discrimination against people from Northeast India

Supreme Court: The Supreme Court has refused to hear the demand for making guidelines to prevent discrimination against the people of Northeast India. In the petition, the derogatory video present in YouTube was cited. It was also demanded that children should be made aware of the people of the Northeast in the school curriculum.

Jyoti Zongluju, a lawyer from Arunachal Pradesh.Jyoti Zongluju) Hearing the petition, a bench headed by Chief Justice DY Chandrachud said, “There is no reason to disagree with the issue raised in the petition but all the demands are outside the purview of the court. If any video in YouTube is wrong So his complaint can be given to the police.”

Court cannot order the government to make policy – ​​Chief Justice

The Chief Justice further said, “What is taught to children in history, geography is a matter of education policy. If you have any demand, then put it in front of your MP. They can raise it in the Parliament. The court should not order the government.” What policy could he make? The petitioner argued that the people of Northeast India faced discrimination during Kovid. Court should do something on this. The Chief Justice said that any victim can take steps under the existing law. The Supreme Court cannot add any separate section to the IPC.

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Chief Justice kept his personal view

While demanding and commenting on adding a new chapter in school education, the Chief Justice also expressed his personal views. He said, “I believe that children should be taught at least. They should be allowed to acquire the knowledge of the world on their own, but we have increased the burden of syllabus on them.”

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