Sakat Chauth 2022: This yoga is being made on Sakat Chauth, know the importance of this fast


Sakat Chauth 2022: Know what is the importance of Lord Ganesha’s favorite Sakat Chauth fast

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The Chauth which is kept on the Chaturthi of Krishna Paksha of Magh month is called Sakat Chauth 2022. It is known and celebrated by the names of Sankashti Chaturthi, Lambodar Sankashti Chaturthi, Tilkuta Chauth, Tilkut Chaturthi, Sankata Chauth, Maghi Chauth, Til Chauth etc. Modak, laddus are offered to Lord Ganesha on the day of Sakat Chauth. Apart from this, Durva is offered to him. At the time of worship, recitation of Ganesh Stuti, Ganesh Chalisa and Sakat Chauth fast is considered auspicious. This year Sakat Chauth fast is falling on 21st January. It is believed that Lord Ganesha is worshiped on this day to wish for happiness and prosperity in life. This time Sakat Chauth is in Saubhagya Yoga, which is believed to fulfill wishes. Let us know the importance of Sakat Chauth fast.

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Sakat Chauth Date and Significance |Importance Of Sakat Chauth

The fast of Sakat Chauth is supposed to defeat all the troubles, hence it is also called Sankat Chauth. This time auspicious yoga is being formed on Sakat Chauth, which is being said to be very special. It is believed that any work and worship done on this auspicious yoga always brings success. After observing fast on Chaturthi Tithi, moon sighting is done. It is said that women who observe the fast of Sakat Chauth, they should offer water after seeing the moon after worship. After that break the fast. It is believed that by doing this, the happiness and prosperity of the family remains.


Auspicious yoga will be formed on Sakat Chauth

This time Saubhagya Yoga is being formed on Sakat Chauth, which is considered to be very good. It is believed that any work and worship done on this auspicious yoga always brings success. On Sakat Chauth, Saubhagya Yoga will remain till 03:06 pm and after that Shobhan Yoga will start. On the other hand, Chaturthi date is till 09:14 am on 22nd January. Take special care that according to the time of moonrise, it is appropriate to observe the fast of Sakat Chauth. It is being said that there will be no moonrise on Chaturthi Tithi on 22nd January. This fast is kept for the safety and well being of the child. Along with this, Abhijeet Muhurta, which is considered to be the best for auspicious work, will also start from 12:11 pm on 21st January till 12:54 pm.

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