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Referring to Modi’s insult, Amit Shah said, ‘The people of Gujarat will answer through the ballot box’

Gujarat Election 2022: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Thursday reacted during a roadshow in Sanand, Ahmedabad, on Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge’s statement calling PM Modi Ravan. He said that the public will answer.

Talking to news agency ANI, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that every time the people of Gujarat have responded to the insult of Prime Minister Modi through the ballot box, this time also they will respond through the ballot.

What work did PM Modi do while he was the CM of Gujarat?
Home Minister Amit Shah said that PM Modi has been the CM of Gujarat and he has always worked to improve the system of basic facilities in the state. Amit Shah said that Modi had solved many problems in Gujarat when he was the CM of the state. He said that Gujarat used to struggle with water shortage, the PM worked to fix it. He made check dams, he brought Narmada Yodna and he found a permanent solution to these problems by bringing ‘Sujlam Suflam Yojana’. PM Modi said that 24-hour power supply is being done in every district of the state.

What did the Home Minister say about extremism?
The Union Home Minister said that PM Modi said about the anti-radicals created for the prevention of extremism in the state that it is a proactive step. If we control extremism, then terrorism and riots can be controlled.

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What did Mallikarjun Kharge say about PM Modi?
Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge had called PM Modi Ravana in Behrampura area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAhmedabad. He had said that Modi talks only about himself in every campaign. They say that don’t look at anyone else, just look at Modi. This is not right. How many times do we have to look at you. How many forms do you have? Do you have 100 heads like Ravana?

After this statement of the Congress President, the BJP accused the Congress of insulting PM Modi.

PM Modi Roadshow: PM Modi’s roadshow continues in Gujarat, the route is 54KM long, will cover 14 assembly

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