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Public support of BJP increased, vote for politics of development, 10 big things of PM Modi’s speech

PM Modi Speech: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appeared in public for the first time after BJP’s bumper victory in Gujarat and less than expected performance in Himachal Pradesh. In Gujarat, where the BJP won 156 seats breaking all records, it was reduced to 25 seats in Himachal Pradesh. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached BJP’s headquarters in Delhi and is addressing the people.

During this, PM Modi said that the vote share of BJP has not dropped where BJP has not won. Therefore, hearty congratulations to the people of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. Along with this, while discussing the by-elections, he said that BJP has won in UP’s Rampur. So at the same time, PM Modi also thanked the Election Commission and said that there was no chance of repolling on even a single polling.

Mentioning the election results of Himachal Pradesh, he said that never before had the party been defeated by such a small margin of vote share. Even though BJP remained less than one percent, but the commitment for development will be 100 percent. There will never be any shortage in the rights of Himachal Pradesh. The blessings of Janata Janardan are overwhelming. The public support received by BJP is telling that the future politics is based on development.

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