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Post narco test interview will be held in Central Jail tomorrow, know why Aftab will not be brought to FSL

Shraddha Murder Case Latest Update: The narco test of Shraddha murder accused and his live-in partner Aftab has been done. Aftab has accepted his crime in the narco test. FSL’s 4 member team and investigation officer will now visit Central Jail tomorrow for Narco test post interview. According to the jail officials, this has been done because of the high risk involved in bringing Aftab.

The post narco interview is likely to be held on Friday (December 2) from 10 am to 3 pm. Accused Aftab Amin Poonawala underwent a narco test for about two hours on Thursday (December 1) at a hospital in Rohini. Officials said that Poonawala’s narco test was completely successful and his health is completely fine.

Narco test started at 10 am

Officials said that Poonawala was brought to Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital in Rohini at 8.40 am and the narco test started at around 10 am. After investigation, he was kept under medical observation. According to FSL sources, the answers given during his polygraphy and narco test will be analysed. Poonawalla will be told about the answers given by him. According to a senior official, Aftab’s blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature and heartbeat tests were all normal before the narco test.

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This is how Aftab’s narco test happened

A consent form was read out to him with full details of Poonawalla and the Narco team probing him. After his sign on the form, narco test was done. Medicines like sodium pentothal, scopolamine and sodium amytal are given in the narco test, which takes the person to different stages of anesthesia. In the hypnotic phase, the person is not fully conscious and he is more likely to spew such information, which he usually does not tell while conscious. Investigative agencies use this test when other evidence does not give a clear picture of the case.

This allegation is on Aftab

Aftab (28) is accused of killing his ‘live-in partner’ Shraddha Walkar and dismembering her body into 35 pieces. He kept the body parts in a 300-litre fridge at his home in Mehrauli in south Delhi for about three weeks and then dumped them at different places in the city over several nights. He was arrested on 12 November.

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