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Portable Geyser: For bathing in winter, do jugaad like this! Water will boil in a pinch, know the price – The Vocal News Hindi

Portable Geyser: There are many expensive geyser products in the market which not everyone can buy. Today we will tell you about such a device which will make cold water hot in a jiffy.

Talking about electric geyser, it consumes more electricity and also comes expensive. On the other hand, if we talk about gas geyser, then you have to connect it separately for fear of cylinder or gas pipeline. Now such a geyser has come in the market whose cost is very low and everyone can buy it. Let us know what is the cost of this geyser.

What is the cost of Portable Geyser?

online website Amazon But you can buy it for Rs.899. Its original price is Rs 999, in which 10% discount is being given. This geyser is actually fitted in the tap. This geyser is so small in size that you can get it fixed anywhere.

Portable Instant Water Geyser

Its size is around 20 cm and it is an instant geyser, which means it heats water instantly. Although it can heat only a small amount of water at a time, but it does not take time and heats the water immediately.

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