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PM Modi’s ‘Ravana’ attack in Gujarat, Kharge said – he abuses four quintals

Gujarat Election 2022: In Gujarat, where voters were voting in long queues, on the other hand, in the campaign for the second phase, one word was resonating ‘Raavan’. The arrows of this word fired a lot in the political battle of Gujarat on Thursday. While PM Modi himself took a jibe at Kharge’s statement about Ravana, Amit Shah also took a dig at this word.

Referring to Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge’s ‘Raavan’ remark, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday (December 1) said that leaders of the main opposition parties are competing to see who can abuse him the most. At the same time, he targeted the Congress and said that ‘the more mud you throw, the more the lotus will bloom’.

  1. PM Modi said, “I respect Kharge ji, but he has to follow the orders of the party high command.” He was strong-armed to say that Modi has 100 heads like Ravana.”
  2. PM Modi said, “But the Congress is unaware that Gujarat is a state of Ram devotees. Those who never believed in the existence of Lord Rama have brought ‘Ravana’ of Ramayana just to abuse me. Congress leaders feel that it is their right to use objectionable language against Modi and insult the Prime Minister of the country.
  3. PM Modi said, “Family is everything for him. They will do anything to make the family happy. There is a competition among the Congress leaders as to who will utter the most vulgar abuses against Modi and who will spew the most venom.” He said that one such leader had used such words during his visit to Pakistan.
  4. Apart from PM Modi, Amit Shah also reacted to Ravana’s statement. Amit Shah said, ‘As many times as the Congress used abusive words against the Prime Minister in Gujarat, the public has responded in the ballot box. This time also the people of Gujarat will answer the insult of Modi ji.
  5. Mallikarjun Kharge recently said at a rally that the Prime Minister asks people to “vote after seeing his face” in all elections. Kharge had asked, “Are you like Ravana with 100 heads?”
  6. On the other hand, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge on Thursday targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that he abuses Congress four quintals per day and attacks party leaders including Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.
  7. He said, ‘Modi claims that the Congress gives him two kilograms of abuses per day, but the truth is that you give us four quintals of abuses every day. Sometimes you target me or Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi. You can’t digest food without abusing us, but for citizens, we never say anything.
  8. Kharge also accused Modi and his government of “selling off properties” that were built during the previous Congress regime. He said, ‘Whatever we had built in the past, Modiji is selling everything, be it the port or the airport. After selling such properties, they ask us what we did in the last 70 years. I want to tell them that whatever you are selling, we made them.
  9. Hitting back at PM Modi’s attack, senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said, “What about the fact that he (PM Modi) has insulted Sonia Gandhi many times in the worst language and the brutal manner in which he has spoken to Dr. Manmohan in Parliament.” Lion has been mocked.
  10. Jairam Rameshan said, should I remind Prime Minister Modi what he had said about Dr. Manmohan Singh in Rajya Sabha on February 8, 2017, that he knows the ‘art of bathing wearing a raincoat’. Can a PM comment on his predecessor cheaper than this and that too in the temple of democracy?

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